Saulius Petreikis is an internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, composer and performer. The instruments of Old is a 30 min. documentary for the whole family. This short film explores over 20 instruments from all over the world. The artist dives deep not only in the sounds of the instruments, but also explains their connotations in tradition and importance in the daily life of the ancestors. Saulius is accompanied by fellow musicians and dance performances. While the film uses a contemporary, minimal aesthetic it is filled with attention catching details and movement. The production is composed of not only short excerpts of each of the instruments, but also with complete songs. One of the aims of this beautifully shot documentary is for the young ones to find an instrument they love and to pursue its wonderful sounds. The film is best enjoyed with the entire family.

Ožragis, sekminių horn, jaw harp, duduk, wood trumpet, Samogitian zither – this is just a part of the archaic folk instruments collected by multi-instrumentalist Sauliaus Petreikis. The most varied sounds of these instruments, skillfully woven by the composer into sensitive musical weaves, stir the hearts of listeners. On stage, Petreikis likes to share not only his creativity, but also the stories of the origins of his beloved instruments or how they came to be in his instrument library. The musician shares these stories in an educational video for the whole family.
“My whole musical journey has been a search for different sounds. Alongside my concert activities, I also conduct educational activities, during which I try to introduce listeners to the old Lithuanian and world instruments. The programme has become popular and I have presented it in more than 200 different Lithuanian schools. We decided to record it to make it available to everyone. The aim of this education is to encourage everyone to bring more sounds into their lives, to make music at home and to broaden their knowledge of different instruments or just to get interested in them,” said S. Petreikis. In this recording, he said, it was important for him to show how interesting archaic Lithuanian diatonic instruments can sound and to tell about their equivalents in other countries. “Everybody knows about horns and daudytes or zither, but not everybody has heard that the same instruments, called differently, are played by our neighbours. The character of the music they play is dictated by the temperament of the people. It is a great pleasure for me to discover and share these beautiful differences,” the performer shared his thoughts.
The education was filmed in the industrial space of LinkMenų fabrikas, where Juozas Bobina arranged the directorial accents, and Vitalijus Čepkauskas, the designer, helped the creative team to find visual solutions. Petreikis said that he did not want to look for complex artistic solutions or to find an authentic environment in nature – this time, his self-generated idea was based on a conceptual minimalist visual and audio narrative to draw attention to the instruments themselves and their uniqueness. “For me, this education is like a performance, with much more spontaneity than direction. I hope that this recording will help to brighten the days of the audience, and maybe it will be an inspiration for someone to start making music themselves”, – said the musician.
There is no audience in the recording, so to add dynamism to the story, the multi-instrumentalist invited musicians Donatas Petreikis and Vytautas Mikeliūnas, and dancer Dainis Biskis. “Each person brings their own energetic contribution to any performance, which is important for the overall concept of the piece. In this case, they helped me to tell the story of the instruments in a more compelling way, sometimes by directing the attention away from me and towards the sound of the instrument, and sometimes by simply bringing in more colour,” said the musician.